Privacy Policy

Kids Health Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 603 181 791) (Kids Health Australia) appreciates that your personal information is private. For this reason, we have ensured that our website and the way you use our website, is compliant with the Australian National Privacy Principles.

What information we collect

We collect information provided by you in the course of your use of the website. If you purchase a product using our website, we will collect your name and contact details and transaction information. We may also collect your name and email address if you sign up to our newsletter or mailing list, provide us with feedback or otherwise contact us. ABL Note: please remove references to the newsletter or mailing list if Kids Health Australia will not have newsletters or a mailing list in place. We may also collect information related to your use of the website through cookies.

Why we collect your information

We collect your information to enable us to complete purchases you may make, to provide you information directly to your email address or otherwise respond to your comments or feedback. We may also use your information to monitor activity on our website to better maintain and develop our product offering. ABL Note: Please advise us if Kids Health Australia will be offering delivery overseas. If so, the privacy policy will need to disclose to whom personal information will be disclosed and why.

Disclosing your information

There may be circumstances in which we need to disclose your information. This will mainly occur when we use third party suppliers such as couriers to deliver goods you have purchased. To complete transactions online we use (insert). This system is protected by (insert) to ensure that your financial information is kept secure. There may be other circumstances in which we disclose your information, such as if we are required by law. Once we are not required to hold your information, we will take steps to destroy or de-identify the information.

What you can do

If you would like to find out what information we have about you, or would like to correct any information we may have, please email (insert name/ office holder) at (insert address) and we will respond to you as quickly as possible. If you are unhappy with our use of your information, please contact (insert name/ officer holder) at (insert email address) with your complaint. We will take steps to address any issues you may have as quickly as possible. .