Tim Heinecke

The Student Engagement Institute

Master of Educational Leadership and a Bachelor of Physical Education


Tim Heinecke has been a teacher for over 20 years. In 2014 he took a step to the left and started The Student Engagement Institute. The Student Engagement Institute specialises in three areas: Values Education for school aged children and their families, Parent Education and Teacher Training. Tim brings to kidshealth.com.au the unique perspective of being an educator and a dad and his writing is firmly based on practical advice that is easy to implement. Tim writes about harmony in the home, tips for successfully supporting the schooling experience and the importance of values as a part of family life. I am also willing to write about suggested topics that may be of interest to the kids health community. In the past I have contributed content to publications such as The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph and Kidspot. Tim's passion is to help teachers and parents to inspire and motivate their kids through positive relationships.



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