John Pietryka

All Natural Advantage

Adv. Dip. Health Sc. (Naturopathy), B. App. Sc. (Medical Laboratory Science), Adv. Dip. (Applied Biology) Member ANPA, ACENM, MINDD.


My interest in natural medicine was prompted when my son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I was totally ignorant at the time what the diagnosis meant. The medical professionals said that, apart from early intervention, nothing else could be done. We took their advice. Initially he seemed to do well with early intervention, but once he hit primary school, basically all hell broke loose. Within a month he was no longer welcome at the school, and the paediatrician recommended Ritalin. We tried Ritalin for a week, when his appetite markedly decreased and his sleep deteriorated, I finally woke up to the fact that something had to be done.  Since then I have come to realise that although we have seen some amazing advancements in medicine. At the same time the majority of family general practitioners, paediatricians, and other health specialists are ill informed when it comes to transferring the latest clinical research into general practice. An article in the New Engla[..] MORE


John Pietryka

55 Marianne Way, Mt Waverley

038802 7687

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