Tineke Sibbel

M.Ed (Early Childhood Education), BCBA

Tineke is very passionate about inclusion in the mainstream school system, social skill development and developing communication skills for learners diagnosed with an ASD.


Through her clinic in Melbourne, Happy Oak Behavioural Consulting, Tineke specialises in Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI) for preschoolers who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She also works with a number of clients who are in the early years of primary school.  Happy Oak’s programs are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behaviour Support. ABA is the most evidenced based treatment for ASD. Tineke has been working in the field of early childhood for over a decade and is passionate about promoting best practise ABA in Australia.

Tineke also develops Behaviour Support Plans to target challenging behaviours and works collaboratively with educators and schools to provide the best possible outcomes for the children with whom she works.

Tineke has experience delivering professional development workshops and talks to educators at schools promoting inclusion and the use of ABA strategies in their classrooms. She has extensive experience working collaboratively with a range of Melbourne’s schools and kindergartens; catholic, independent and public. She supports educators and trains support staff to facilitate social interactions and develop social skills as well as encouraging learners on the spectrum to participate in activities at school alongside their peers.

She is a member of the New Zealand Association for Behaviour Analysis, Autism Behavioural Intervention Association and Applied Behaviour Analysis International. She has presented at the Positive Practices Symposium at the Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support (University of Queensland) and 2017 ABIA Conference.

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Tineke Sibbel

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