Jaimee Edwards

Resident Fermenter

Jaimee is resident fermenter at Cornersmith picklery in Sydney. Jaimee is a fermented foods evangelist and is passionate about the benefits of fermented foods. Jaimee runs fermentation workshops so others can enjoy the traditional craft of fermentation and the health benefits too.


Jamiee is a pickler and teacher at Cornersmith, a family-run café based on sustainable and ethical principles. Jaimee teaches her students about the history of fermented foods and why there are so many health benefits from fermented foods. In our Gut Health Masterclass Jaimee shares her fermented food recipes and also educates us on how fermented foods can be beneficial to Gut Health. Jamiee is passionate about the pleasures of food, the return to home food crafts and the minimization of food waste. Her enthusiasm for teaching preserving as a skill that is fun and creative while also sustainable is infectious.

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Jaimee Edwards

441 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville