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Adv. Dip. Health Sc. (Naturopathy), B. App. Sc. (Medical Laboratory Science), Adv. Dip. (Applied Biology) Member

Adv. Dip. Health Sc. (Naturopathy), B. App. Sc. (Medical Laboratory Science), Adv. Dip. (Applied Biology) Member ANPA, ACENM, MINDD.


My interest in natural medicine was prompted when my son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I was totally ignorant at the time what the diagnosis meant. The medical professionals said that, apart from early intervention, nothing else could be done. We took their advice. Initially he seemed to do well with early intervention, but once he hit primary school, basically all hell broke loose. Within a month he was no longer welcome at the school, and the paediatrician recommended Ritalin. We tried Ritalin for a week, when his appetite markedly decreased and his sleep deteriorated, I finally woke up to the fact that something had to be done.  Since then I have come to realise that although we have seen some amazing advancements in medicine. At the same time the majority of family general practitioners, paediatricians, and other health specialists are ill informed when it comes to transferring the latest clinical research into general practice. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine (Clinical Research to Clinical Practice — Lost in Translation? Claude Lenfant, M.D. N Engl J Med 2003;349:868-74.) found that doctors rely on what they learnt 20 years ago or more, if they have been in practice that long, and are uninformed about current scientific findings. My brother was a GP, now retired, so I know that most of the updated clinical information they receive is via their pharmaceutical representatives or drug company sponsored conferences. More alarmingly I am finding that GP’s are not aware of new pathology tests that are available (i.e. PCR parasitology testing) and have difficulty interpreting routine pathology tests. I constantly see pathology tests and patients have been told that they are normal, when they clearly are not. There are some great Integrative medicine doctors, but they are few and far between. Therefore the onus is on ourselves to do what we can to be healthy. If I break my leg then yes I will go to the Emergency Department of a hospital. When I get sick with a virus I know I need to get over it quickly, otherwise my chronic fatigue returns and I know that conventional medicine can’t help me. Except to perhaps suggest an antidepressant! As with my son, if I had followed the advice at the time, I am in no doubt that he would probably be on a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs and on welfare. We need to be informed and take responsibility for our own health. I am passionate about what I do, especially making a difference to ASD children and their families. As a result of my personal experiences, I am very aware of the overwhelming amount of information (and misinformation), regarding natural/alternative therapies, that is available today on the internet via “Dr Google”. That is why I base my treatment protocols and information provided on my website on scientifically proven natural remedies and treatments. For those that wish to take advantage of an integrative medicine approach in their recovery or their children’s health, I will work with you (and your medical doctor if needs be) to achieve the best outcome for either you or your child’s health.

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