Give your child the best possible start to the new school year and help them learn! Our self-paced program, written by leading gastroenterologists, paediatricians and nutritionists, is a revolutionary guide providing a wealth of knowledge to benefit your child’s health and learning. Broken down into 9 modules that are sent to you over 3 weeks, the course is highly digestible with tasty articles, interviews, videos and printouts for the fridge! With over 150+ gut-friendly recipes and your own private community, transitioning your kids to a healthier life is only a click away.

You’ll have 7 weeks access to the course, so there’s plenty of time to learn and cook up a storm!


Balanced gut bacteria can improve behaviour, concentration and learning.

Give your child the best possible start to the new school year. Our self-paced program, written by leading gastroenterologists, paediatricians and nutritionists, is broken down into 9 modules that are sent to you over 3 weeks. The course is highly digestible including plenty of tasty articles, interviews, videos and printouts for the fridge! With over 100+ gut-friendly recipes and your own private community, transitioning your kids to a healthier life is only a click away.


How it works…

1. Sign up and receive your FREE pantry staples recipes.
2. Receive 3-weeks of nutritionist-approved child friendly meal plans and recipes (including gluten and casein-free meal plans).
3. 9 modules are released every few days over 3-weeks with videos and exclusive content. All material is available for download over a 7-week period, from the course commencement date.
4. Receive regular emails to keep you on track.
5. Watch video interviews with national experts.
6. View cooking demonstrations.
7. Access tables, diagrams, and other exciting extras to put on the fridge.

What you’ll learn…

  1. How to manage fussy eaters: change your child’s eating habits with
  2. Gut health: the basics, signs, symptoms, treatments and offenders (relevant to ASD Parents)
  3. Building immunity: sicknesses, intolerances and allergies
  4. Toilet-talk: the importance of ‘healthy poo’!
  5. Nutrition: food as the foundation for gut health
  6. Prebiotics, probiotics and fermentation: the what, how, and why
  7. Toxins: creating a ‘healthy home’
  8. The gut and stress: mindfulness tips & tricks

Introduction to Gut Health Video


Meet Our Experts


Melanie Sinclair

Mel believes that holistic nutrition is about bringing energy, strength & enjoyment into your life! At her own practice,The Nutrition Effect, Mel uses nutritional medicine practices to address client health concerns and to support their health goals.

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Kris Barrett

Kris Barrett became interested in food and nutrition when her son was diagnosed with autism, she took it upon herself to research the link between nutrition and behavioural disorders. She then embarked on a journey which literally changed her son’s life and now she helps others to transform their family’s lives through nutrition.

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Jaimee Edwards

Jaimee is resident fermenter at Cornersmith Picklery in Sydney. Jaimee is a fermented foods evangelist and is passionate about the benefits of fermented foods. Jaimee runs fermentation workshops so others can enjoy the traditional craft of fermentation and the health benefits too.

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Zoe Hutchinson

With a love of nutrition and working with children, it was a natural progression for founder and paediatric dietitian Zoe Hutchinson to start Little Sprouts Nutrition in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

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Grace Miano

Grace is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and the founder of Goodness Gracious Health, specialising in women, babies, pregnancy, birth, children, special needs and disability, with particular interest in natural and home birthing.

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Nicole Bijlsma

Nicole Bijlsma is leading in her field of environmental medicine. Nicole is an accomplished naturopath, acupuncturist, IICRC accredited mould remediation technician and building biologist who has been in clinical practice since 1989.

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Emma Park

Emma Park is a passionate Functional Medicine Nutritionist that believes wholeheartedly in the power of Food as Medicine. Emma helps people achieve health, wellness and vitality through food choices and how they live their lives.

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John Pietryka

Natural health expert and medical scientist. John cares deeply about making a difference to ASD children and their families. As a result of his personal experiences as a parent of an autistic child. John specialises in integrative medicine to achieve positive outcomes for children and families.

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Jaci Barrett

Jaci specialises in gastrointestinal disorders and food sensitivities and is an award-winning lecturer and research dietitian at Monash University. She frequently presents her research both in Australia and overseas and offers consultations from diet solutions in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

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Jim Kantidakis

Jim Kantidakis is the director and founder of The Gut Centre. Jim specialises in the treatment of gut disorders including IBS and is founder of Gut Focused Hypnotherapy Australia and member of the Australiasian Gastrointestinal Research Foundation.

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Tabitha McIntosh

Tabitha is the founder of Awaken Your Health, and is a qualified and experienced Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, and educator. She has run her own private clinical practice for over 10 years.

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1f1d1994-screenshot-from-2016-07-27-16-17-41_08706908705400000k (1)

Dr Kristy Goodwin

Dr Kristy is founder of Dr Kristy and is a highly sought after expert on early childhood development. Her current research interests include brain development and the impact of digital technologies on children’s development.

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Nat Kringoudis

Nat Kringoudis is a doctor in Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, author, speaker and all-round natural fertility expert. She’s also the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic, The Pagoda Tree, and producer of HealthTalks TV.

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Dr Marcelo Leal

Dr Marcelo Leal is a Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist for Paediatric Gastroenterology Victoria. He obtained his paediatric training at Monash Children’s hospital and the Royal Children’s hospital as well as completing his subspecialty there. He is currently working towards his PhD at the University of Melbourne.

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Nick Dunn

Nick is a dietitian specialising in gastrointestinal disorders, particularly irritable bowel syndrome. Starting his career as a clinical dietitian at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Nick has been an invited speaker at various national GP and dietetic seminars presenting on the role of prebiotics in infant health and faecal microbiota transplantations.

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Chantel Gough

Chantel Gough

Chantel is an accredited pharmacist, functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and Kresser Institute student specialising in a functional medicine approach. During her work as a pharmacist she identified a gap between medical care and self care, her mission is to bridge that gap in order to bring a person living with dis-ease back to a state of ease.

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Learn On-the-Go

Juggling schedules as a parent is tricky enough as it is. The Kids Health Gut Masterclass’s online accessibility means that you can fit learning into your day – and, most importantly, when it suits you best. Learn anywhere, anytime.

Advice from Experts & Parents

Experts and parents alike have come together to share both their knowledge and experience. Benefit your family through interacting with a supportive and like-minded community.

The A to Z of the Power of Food

From apples to zucchinis: we discuss the benefits of a whole foods regime, and explore how the constituents of certain foods may affect microflora health and behaviour. Discover the ease of integrating a balanced diet through our interviews and cooking demonstration videos.

Family-Friendly Resources

Tables, diagrams, you name it. We’ll provide you with exciting little extras to pop on the fridge or on the family noticeboard. We make learning about gut health fun for you – and fun for the whole family.

“As a mum, I’ve seen first hand how nutrition and gut health can completely transform a child. I’m so excited that through this course the best minds in gut health can give everyday mums and dads the chance to make their kids the healthiest they can be.”

Lisa Kelly

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